Ask Team Recyclers
Polly: Hello there! *waves* Leonard and I want to introduce ourselves to as many teams as possible. It’s always good to have lots of friends~

Shad: Nice to meet you as well, Polly. We have quite the file on your team, ain’t that right, Kyra?

Kyra: (nods happily) Yep, with photos to boot. It always helps to know who’s who in this village so we don’t get confused.

What missions excite you?

Shad: The kind that give off a anonymous feel, that you must hide in secret only to ambush the foe as his guard is down.

Kyra: I prefer missions that have something to eat, as well as infilitration in large areas.

Troy: I like missions that won’t kill me halfway though, even though I can’t really die given I’m a living puddle of sludge.


A pencil, naturally.

Greetings, Fellow Competitors

As this is our first Tumblr post, we are merely a stepping stone in the grander part of things. But make no mistake, we have seen that PMD-E is destined for a much higher purpose, and PK knows it all too well. Of course, we’re still working out the bugs and may need assistance with the Tumblr Q&A thing, but otherwise we plan to answer any questions you may have.